Story of Monzushi

Started in Tokyo as a yatai(stall) next to a public bath in 1933 called “Monchan-Ya” by my grandfather, Montaro Kaneko. At that time, sushi was served from sushi stalls and was meant to be a snack or quick bite to eat & go. His passion for quality and service has become the benchmark of his success as he opened his Edo style sushi restaurant in Yutenji Meguro, Tokyo – “Monzushi”. The near century-old restaurant has been helmed by three generations of Kaneko, and the latest being my father Hiroyuki and my brother, Yusuke Kaneko. All of us are committed to continue the family’s legacy in upholding the long held Japanese sushi tradition. Monzushi Singapore is the first venture outside Japan. We will bring that same dedication my grandfather had and host our guests here with pride.


High Quality Ingredients

In the tradition of our flagship shop in Yutenji, Tokyo, we at Monzushi are committed to providing only the freshest seasonal ingredients with deliveries flown in four times a week from select regions in Japan such as Tsukiji, Hokkaido and Kyushu.

We believe in offering you the best quality at incredibly reasonable prices for an unparalleled dining experience.

One specialty ingredient we use in our shari, or sushi rice, is ‘red vinegar’ - a traditional and authentic seasoning for edomaezushi used in the sushi stalls of Edo (present-day Tokyo) for over 300 years. This carefully crafted vinegar delivers an exceptionally delicate and rich umami taste you will never forget

Since 1933, The quality remains

Crafted by Artisans

Following extensive training at Monzushi’s more-than-85-year-running flagship shop in Yutenji, Tokyo, sushi chef Keisuke has gone on to offer authentic Japanese tastes around the world in locations such as New York, India, Shanghai, South Korea and Qatar. Harnessing the ingredients’ true flavors, he hopes to craft a sushi restaurant loved by all with unmatched, reasonable prices.

Concept (Our Restaurant)

Inside, you will find a space unlike any in Singapore with a special bar counter perfect for after meal drinks and waiting for guests. In addition to a rich selection of Japanese sake, craft beers and other liquors, we also feature a special sushi counter where you can relax and chat with our expert chef while savoring delicious sushi delicacies. We offer 4-person table seating and a private room that can accommodate 10, making our restaurant perfect for any occasion be it business or family parties with children.